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HVA Series

High Performance High Voltage Amplifier

Miniature Size (1.40”L x 1.10”W x 0.50”H)
Easy to Use, No External Components Required
Excellent Load and Line Regulation
Extremely Low Quiescent Current
Miniature PC Board Mountable Package
Low Ripple and EMI/RFI
High Impedance Programming Input

HVM Technology is the leading manufacturer of miniature high voltage products used in today's most advanced equipment. Our expertise in high voltage miniaturization enables our customers to design the technology of the future.

Featured Products

UMHV-DI-Q0505 single-output DC to DC converters supplying up to 5kV in 0.125 cubic inches

SMHV05100 Features voltage and current monitor outputs, and current limit control input.

OPTO-150 15kV rated high voltage optocoupler which integrates low voltage LED drivers with high voltage photo detector diodes.

HVA0560 bi-polar, zero-crossing HV amplifier producing a HV up to ±6kV in response to a low voltage (0 to 5V) programming input

SK0550  fully regulated DC to DC converters supplying up to 5kV @1W in 0.9625 cubic inches

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