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Miniature High-Voltage Products

HVM Technology, Inc. Is proud to be both a RoHS compliant Manufacturing house, and a manufacturer of American made products.

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Unipolar DC-DC Converters

Our Unipolar and Zero Crossing DC-DC Converters meet a wide range of high performance demands. From precision analytic instruments, medical devices to mission-critical equipment. single output, fully regulated DC to DC converters supplying up to 10kV in some models. These ultra-compact converters are ideal for applications requiring small size, high performance, and ease of use.

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Zero Crossing Amplifiers

Our miniature, bi-polar, zero-crossing high voltage amplifiers are capable of producing a high voltage up to ±6kV in response to a low voltage programming input. Designed for ease of use, they contain a dual polarity high voltage generator and a high speed, high voltage amplifier in a space-saving encapsulated package.


High Voltage Components

HVM Technology's Line of miniature high voltage components integrates low voltage LED drivers with high voltage photo detector diodes. Designed for ease of use, they deliver circuit isolation in a space-saving  encapsulated package. Typical  applications include high voltage switching, high voltage isolation, external voltage sensing, voltage level shifting, and mass spectrometry.

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High Voltage Measurement

The VXI is a ultra high impedance high voltage meter. It measures up to ±20kV with negligible loading (greater then 35 giga-ohms). The VXI is the 1st in our new category of High Voltage Instrumentation.

HVM Technology has an expansive collection of miniature high-voltage products for sale. These DC-DC converters and amplifiers serve various applications in many fields, including industrial, automotive, and electrical engineering. We've designed our products to provide optimal performance, durability, and reliability while meeting strict quality control standards. To view specific collections—such as the Unipolar DC-DC Converters, Zero Crossing Amplifiers, High-Voltage Components, and High-Voltage Measurement—select the "View All Products" button. This way, you can see the full scope of our miniature high-voltage product lines and make an informed decision.

Contact our customer support team if you need help finding a specific high-voltage essential or have questions about one. Invest in only the best high-voltage amplifiers.

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