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High Voltage Amplifier

HVM Technology, Inc. Is proud to be both a RoHS compliant Manufacturing house, and a manufacturer of American made products.

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HVA Series

High Performance High Voltage Amplifier

Miniature Size (3.0”L x 1.5”W x 0.5”H)
Easy to Use, No External Components Required
Excellent Load and Line Regulation
Extremely Low Quiescent Current
Miniature PC Board Mountable Package
Low Ripple and EMI/RFI
High Impedance Programming Input


uHVA Series

Micro-Size Zero-Crossing Bi-Polar High Voltage Amplifier With Current and Voltage Monitors

Dimensions (2.0”L x 1.0”W x 0.5”H)

Bipolar, Zero-Crossing HV Output

Current Sourcing and Sinking

Current and Voltage Monitors

Excellent Load and Line Regulation

5V Input Models Available

Miniature PC Board Mountable Package

±1kV,  ±3kV, and ±5kV Models Available

Purchase a high voltage amplifier from HVM Technology. We carefully design our products for power supply systems that are easy to use and don’t require external components. At HVM, we understand the need for stability in power supply systems. Our zero crossing bipolar converters provide just that.

Power supply systems are integral to a wide variety of industries, including medical equipment, audio amplifiers, high voltage power supplies, and more. It’s imperative to have dependable components that ensure smooth operation without interruptions. To learn more about one of our miniature HV amplifiers, select one of the products below and view the specs. We’ve detailed the size of the items, typical applications, and characteristics. Have questions about one of our high voltage amplifiers? Feel free to contact HVM Technology by calling 830-626-5552. 

Innovative High Voltage Products


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