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3 Things To Know About High-Voltage Connectors

3 Things To Know About High-Voltage Connectors

High-voltage connectors transfer power and signals between devices in various systems. Professionals in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and telecommunications industries use these connectors because they can withstand high voltage and ensure safe and reliable transfer of electricity. We'll share three things to know about high-voltage connectors.

Typical Uses for Connectors

Medical devices, such as X-ray machines and MRI scanners, need these connectors to provide the necessary voltage for producing detailed images. Aerospace engineers need reliable connectors for powering satellites and radar systems. In telecommunications, experts use these connectors for signal transmission in network infrastructure equipment.

The Types of Connectors

The different types of connectors are other things to know about high-voltage connectors. The common types are circular, rectangular, and RF connectors. The main types of high-voltage connectors include:  

  • Single-pin high-voltage connectors are ideal for single-conductor high-voltage applications.

  • Multi-pin high-voltage connectors transfer multiple signals or power lines through one connector. 

  • Panel mount high-voltage connectors connect cables to a panel or bulkhead.

What Are Miniature High-Voltage Connectors?

Miniature high-voltage connectors are smaller versions of standard connectors but with the same, if not better, performance. Despite their compact size, they can handle high-voltage applications. They are ideal for applications where saving space is a priority. 

Safety When Using Connectors

Safety should always be a top concern when working with high-voltage connectors and other equipment. Your connectors should have safety features to prevent electrical shocks and accidents. For instance, high-voltage connectors prevent unintended contact with live parts. When purchasing new connectors or high-voltage equipment, carefully review the product manual and adhere to all maintenance guidelines to ensure safe use. Regularly inspecting and taking care of your high-voltage connectors will keep them in good condition.

HVM Technology

Miniature high-voltage connectors play a crucial role in the modern tech landscape. HVM Technology has an extensive lineup of miniature high-voltage power supplies. Shop our options today to find the high-voltage essentials you need. Contact our team to learn more about our products or receive a quote.

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