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Typical Applications

Mass spectrometry is an analytical tool useful for measuring the mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) of one or more molecules present in a sample. We have a strong history and presence in the Mass Spec world. We look forward to being introduced to the next innovation in the field whether that be smaller battery powered application or high durability for the field.

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High Voltage Biasing

Bias is used in a variety of ways, but in electronic circuits, bias refers to the application of a DC voltage or current to an AC circuit. Our high voltage opto-couplers and relays, could play an important role in your design.

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Piezo Devices

Piezoelectric devices are used as actuators in a variety of situations because they can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy via the inverse piezoelectric effect. Consider our SMHV Series in your next design for its monitoring features, or as a replacement to other providers 

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Photomultiplier Tubes (PMT Base)

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Photomultiplier tubes (photomultipliers or PMTs for short) are extremely sensitive detectors of light in the ultravioletvisible, and near-infrared ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our high voltage converters can provide one third of the required componentry of a PMT Base. Given enough information we could also provide the divider and pin configuration in one simple package

High Voltage Amplifiers

At HVM Technology, necessity quite often is the mother of invention. And if you are looking to build or design your own HV Amplifier then we have a wide verity of high voltage components and DC-DC converters to make this possible. As we supply our own amplifiers with parts designed in our Texas facility.

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Commonly used for holding silicon wafers during lithography processes, We have served this field of science for many years and continue to look for new emerging technology from the field.

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Innovative High Voltage Products
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