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The OR-100 is a ±10kV rated high voltage opto-relay;

which integrates low voltage LED drivers with
high voltage photo detector diodes. Designed for
ease of use, the OR-100 delivers circuit isolation in a
space-saving encapsulated package.


Typical applications for the OR-100 include high
voltage switching and high voltage isolation.

Electrical Characteristics

Absolute Max

LED Forward Current

100 mA

LED Reverse Voltage

5 V

LED Max Input Voltage

5 V

LED Forward Voltage Drop

4 V

Photodiode Voltage

±10,000 V

Photodiode Dissipation

2 W


LED Voltage Input @100mA Current Drive

5 V

Reverse Leakage Current
@10,000 V, ILED = 0mA

<10 nA

DC Current Transfer Ratio


Turn-on Time

2 µs

Turn-off Time

2 µs


10kV High Voltage Opto-Relay
  • Easy to Use 

  • No External Components Required

  •  Internal Current Limiting Resistors

  •  Small Footprint

  •  ±10kV Voltage Rating

  •  Fast Response

  •  Miniature PC Board Mountable Package

  • Wide Operating Temp Range (-40°C to +85°C)

Application Schematic
OR100 app schematics.JPG

Pin Labels

Pin 1              LED -

Pin 2              LED +

OR100 dimensions.JPG
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