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Make Your Design Portable With The UMHV Family

Specialized High Voltage Manufacturer Continues to Push the Limits of High Voltage Miniaturization

NEW BRAUNFELS, TX, October 25th 2017

The world is more mobile now than ever.  No matter what the field of interest or application, the pressure is on to make everything more compact.  The large, stationary, higher power consumption products are quickly falling victim to the smaller, portable, low power consumption replacements.  Designers and producers are forced to adapt and innovate new solutions for their current needs to reflect the changing demands of smaller devices and battery operated applications.

“At HVM, we understand the need for our customers to stay in the forefront of their fields,” says Ryan Saldana, Director of Sales and Marketing at HVM Technology, Inc.  “With the world-wide trend towards mobility and portable or hand-held devices, we have indications that our customers are putting a greater emphasis on power consumption in their newer designs.  We believe the UMHV family of models is optimally designed and well positioned to benefit our customers with decreasing their input power requirements for these types of applications.”

The UMHV family of models is a leader in minimizing current draw for low power applications.  The UMHV models have extremely low quiescent current and as much as 90% lower input current at no load or light load conditions when compared to top competitors. Many of those competitors will recommend “over-buying” the output voltage needed and biasing the input voltage lower to achieve lower quiescent current and input current at lower power output requirements, leading to increased Bill of Materials costs for the higher voltage module.  The UMHV line ensures low input current draws regardless of load conditions, resulting in never buying more than what is required for your design.  Unlike many brands out in the market, the UMHV models are internally regulated, eliminating the need for required external loads that consume precious output power.  The UMHV family can give your designs a competitive edge in improving your efficiency, lowering your BOM costs, reducing your total power consumption, and extending battery life for your consumers.

HVM Technology is a leading producer of a variety of unique miniature high voltage products for a wide variety of military, scientific, aerospace, analytical, biomedical and industrial applications. HVM Technology was established in 2004 as a producer of specialized multi-output high voltage DC to DC converters used in night vision image intensifiers. Its unique capabilities have enabled HVM to become an industry leader in the field of high voltage microelectronics, enabling customers to take their newest technologies to the next smaller level and to stay competitive in today's world marketplace.

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