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VXI 20K-35G

High Impedance High Voltage Meter

• Linear Accuracy of 0.1%

• Compact Benchtop Size

• Ultra-High Input Impedance

• Retractable Feet

• Color Screen

• 1-year Standard Warranty

• Accredited Calibration

• Over Voltage Warning

• Dual Screen and Buffered BNC Outputs

• Simultaneous AC & DC Voltage Reading


Input Power Voltage:


Input Current

< 0.2A typical


0V, Circuit Return is internally connected to Earth Ground.

0VDC – ±20000VDC

Voltage Measurement Range

Overvoltage Warning


BNC Bandwidth


The VXI 20K-35G is a versatile high voltage meter, it includes a range of features including: Linear Accuracy of 0.1%, Compact Benchtop Size, Ultra-High Input Impedance, Retractable Feet  Color Screen, 1-year Standard Warranty, Accredited Calibration  Over Voltage Warning, Dual Screen and Buffered BNC Outputs, and Simultaneous AC & DC Voltage Reading with a voltage Measurement range from 0VDC – ±20000VDC and a input resistance of 35GΩ. 

50kHz typical

Screen Bandwidth


Input Resistance

35GΩ typical



*After 30 minute warm-up period.


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